Meet Our Family of Dogs

These are our German Wirehaired Pointers that we use for hunting, breeding, and home companions.

Log Creek Bo

Bo is our male German Wirehaired Pointer. Bo was born March 24, 2006. He has a great disposition. He not only loves to hunt upland game and waterfoul, but also loves to play with the kids. When hunting, Bo has lots of energy and stamina to go all day long in the field. He has an excellent nose and a solid point when finding birds. Bo is 65 lbs and has a nice wiry coat that protects him from the element and minimizes cockleburs. Bo's hips are rated EXCELLENT by the OFA.

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Log Creek Daisy

Daisy is our female German Wirehaired Pointer. She was born May 10th, 2009. All of our females will only be bred 1 time a year maximum. Sometimes only every other year. My main goal is to hunt with my dogs, not have puppies! Daisy weighs 56 lbs. Daisy is a beautiful dog that is patient with kids, & she is very loyal to our family. Daisy has an excellent nose, & loves to please. Daisy weighs 56 lbs and her hips are rated GOOD by the OFA.. Daisy is registered with NAVHDA.

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Log Creek Jessie

Jessie is our female German Wirehaired Pointer. Jessie was born February 6th, 2011. Jessie had her 1st litter of puppies in January 2013. Jessie is also a very affectionate dog, that has an awesome nose, and loves to please. Jessie has a solid point, and naturally honors Bo & Daisy. It is great when we often get a triple point. I could care less about shooting the bird after seeing how amazing these dogs are, and how well they work together.

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