Log Creek Bo and Log Creek Jessie had puppies!


Hi and welcome to Log Creek Wirehairs. We specialize in breeding and raising of German Wirehaired Pointers. We've enjoyed training and hunting with German Wirehaired Pointers for 10 yrs. We have exceptional breeding stock that not only contains excellent hunting acheivments and abilities, but also has sound hips. Our dogs are either OFA rated Excellent or Good. This is something we take seriously because we believe in having healthy hunting partners and family companions that will live a happy long life with us and with you. All of our German Wirehaired Pointer puppies come with a 26 month hip guarantee.

Our Site

We have an excellent site for all of our dogs. All puppies are handled by our three children daily and several visitor through out their time here. Our site contains several ponds that we use for training all of our hunting dogs. Our German Wirehaired Pointers get a chance to hunt Pheasant, Canadian Geese, Ducks of many types, and more. Guns are fired often, and we make plenty of noise so that our puppies are use to it. This makes for a great gun dog. We encourage the new owners to do the same until they have been out in the field a few times and are confident that the new hunting partner is comfortable with it's surroundings.

Future Hunter

We thank those that have purchased one of our puppies and ask that you keep in touch by sending us some pictures of your new family member and let us know how it's going. With your permission we would like to add the pictures to our site as it grows. We look forward to hearing from you.

Customers Testimonials

Remi is a fast learner, and he has already picked up some of the basics: He knows “sit”, “come”, “outside” (along with “potty” and “poop”), “go home” and of course, “NO!”. We have him pointing with a pheasant wing on a fishing rod like Mike suggested – That sure is fun to see!
The Blads, Olivia.

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